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In case you missed it on November 19th, Sherry Boston was featured in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution as the lead plaintiff in the lawsuit challenging SB 92:

Boston is DeKalb’s district attorney, leading a bipartisan group of prosecutors suing the state of Georgia over a new law pitched by Republicans as a way to rein in “rogue” prosecutors around the state who fail to enforce state laws.

Senate Bill 92, which Gov. Brian Kemp championed early this year and signed in May, created a new state-appointed commission to investigate, sanction, and even remove locally elected District Attorneys.

“The role of the DA, if we continue down this pathway, will be undermined and it shouldn’t be” DA Boston said. “We are constitutional officers. We hold a very special role within our communities and we have to uphold the sanctity of that role.”

This fight is not going to be easy, and it’s not going to be quick. DA Boston will keep fighting for as long as it takes to win back our prosecutorial independence as outlined in the Georgia constitution.

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